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Why Opt for Traffic Ticket Attorney James Medows?

At the Law Office of James Medows, discover why he's acclaimed as a top-tier lawyer in New York City, especially in traffic and criminal law. James Medows, a seasoned attorney with a criminal defense legacy, specializes in criminal defense and traffic ticket cases across New York City. An alumnus of New York University and Howard University Law School, he's fully licensed for practice in all New York state courts and federal courts in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York.

Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic tickets, a prevalent issue in New York City and beyond, significantly contribute to municipal court revenues. The rise of traffic cameras has led to a surge in tickets, such as daily red light violation tickets exceeding 2,000 in the city. Many motorists pay these fines, unaware of the hefty costs and long-term consequences, including elevated insurance premiums and potential license suspension or revocation. Some employers even avoid hiring drivers with tarnished driving records. Defending against a traffic violation can often be more cost-effective than admitting guilt. Courts may dismiss or reduce violations to non-moving offenses if handled by a traffic ticket defense attorney, sparing the motorist from court appearances.

Is Any Attorney Suitable for Traffic Ticket Cases?

While any lawyer might manage a traffic ticket case, specialized experience is crucial. James Medows, a New York traffic ticket lawyer, offers valuable expertise, increasing the likelihood of dismissal or reduction of the violation. His focus on traffic violations translates to efficient, cost-effective representation. James Medows serves clients across New York City and nearby regions, including Long Island and Westchester. Contact the Law Office of James Medows at (917) 856-1247 for a confidential consultation. Discuss your rights and explore the best defense strategies.

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