Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Attorney in New York City

In New York City, traffic tickets are a significant source of revenue. Often, drivers pay fines without fully understanding the potential financial and legal repercussions. This is where James Medows, an experienced traffic lawyer, steps in. His expertise lies in challenging traffic violations to save his clients from unnecessary expenses and additional penalties, such as the suspension of driver's licenses by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Even if you have a clean driving record, contesting traffic charges is advised to maintain that record. Our law office can assist in getting your charges reduced or dismissed, helping you avoid hikes in insurance premiums and reducing the risk of future license suspension or revocation.

Traffic Violations in New York City

Traffic violations in New York City can lead to fines, court costs, and points on your driving record, per the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Accumulating 11 points within 18 months or having three or more driving violations in that period could lead to the revocation or suspension of your driving privileges. Moreover, auto insurance companies may increase your premiums for up to three years based on these points. A recent law even allows traffic convictions to remain on your record for up to 25 years.

Common DMV Points Violations
in New York

3-11 points: Speeding

5 points: Use of a portable electronic device/Improper cell phone use

5 points: Reckless driving (also a criminal misdemeanor)

5 points: Failure to stop for a school bus

3 points: Failure to yield

3 points: Red light/stop sign violation/Disobeying traffic control device

3 points: Failure to yield the right of way

3 points: Improper passing/unsafe lane change

3 points: Driving left of center/wrong way

3 points: Leaving scene of property damage

3 points: Child restraint violation

2 points: Most other violations, including failure to signal, improper turn, disobeying other traffic rules

Defending Traffic Tickets in NYC

James Medows, a dedicated second-generation criminal defense attorney, handles all traffic and criminal matters. He is committed to protecting the rights of his clients and thoroughly reviews each case. Often, challenging traffic charges is the recommended approach. Personal court appearances may not be necessary for many violations, as a New York City traffic attorney can represent you. Considering the time savings, work missed, and potential future consequences like increased insurance premiums, contesting a traffic ticket is often the wiser choice. Discover why James Medows is regarded as one of the best in traffic and criminal law in New York City. His comprehensive litigation experience and commitment to each case set him apart. James Medows represents clients throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, and surrounding areas. For a confidential consultation to discuss your rights, contact the Law Office of James Medows at (917) 856-1247.