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Penalties for a speeding ticket can include a fine, a surcharge fee, points on your driver’s license and possible additional actions from the DMV, including an additional fine and driver’s license suspension. In many cases, contesting a speeding ticket in New York City can save you time, save money, and avoid adding points to your driver’s license, which can raise your insurance premiums and even result in the suspension of your driving privileges. James Medows is a second-generation criminal defense attorney specializing in all traffic and criminal-related matters. James truly cares about the individual rights of each and every one of his clients.


New York uses a points system to penalize drivers for traffic violations. These penalties are in addition to those assessed by the court for a violation. For motorists who accumulate 11 points in an 18-month period, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend or revoke their driver’s license. These points may also be used by your auto insurance company to set premiums. Points on your license may be used by insurance companies as grounds to increase your rates for up to 3 years. Additionally, a new law now keeps traffic convictions on your record for up to 25 years. Your license may also be suspended if you are convicted of any combination of three or more speeding violations or driving related misdemeanors in any 18 month period.

Speeding: License Points in New York

3 points: 1-10 MPH over the limit

4 points: 11-20 MPH over the limit

6 points: 21-30 MPH over the limit

8 points: 31-40 MPH over the limit

11 points: 40 MPH or more over the limit


When law enforcement issues a speeding ticket, they are counting on motorists to simply pay the fine. Experienced New York City speeding attorneys know this is not the best course of action for a number of reasons. Once costs, points, increased insurance rates, and other consequences are determined, it is often faster, easier and cheaper to contest a violation.

This is particularly true for drivers with a clean driving record. These motorists are among those most likely to not contest the charges, despite the fact they are among the charges the court is most likely to dismiss or reduce to a non-moving violation. For those with previous violations, contesting the charges is even more important.

In most cases, a NYC speeding attorney can appear in court on your behalf, saving you additional time and money, including lost time at work.

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