NYC Distracted drivig ticket attorney


New York has one of the toughest distracted-driving laws in the nation and issues more tickets than anywhere else in the nation. In a given year, more than 100,000 tickets are issued in New York for illegally using an electronic device or cell phone while driving.

Unfortunately, motorists too often fail to realize the seriousness of the violation. While most states consider it a non-moving violation, with no points and a nominal fee, New York considers it one of the most serious traffic infractions on the books. The law is also very broad, allowing law enforcement to cite motorists even for holding a cell phone in their hand while behind the wheel.

Even a first offense will result in a fine of up to $200, in addition to a ticket surcharge of nearly $100. But of even more consequence is the fact that a violation will come with 5 points on your driver’s license. To put that into perspective, the state considers it almost as serious as driving 30 MPH over the speed limit, and as serious as reckless driving or illegally passing a school bus. In fact, a motorist would have to commit two other traffic violations, in many instances, to accumulate 5 points on their license.

Those who accumulate 11 points in an 18-month period, or three traffic convictions in 18-months, will face suspension or revocation of their driver’s license by the state Department of Motor Vehicles. And, with 5 points on their driver’s license, any additional violations in 18 months will result in a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300 for the first point, and $75 for each additional point.


Because these violations are handed out by the thousands, law enforcement counts on motorists to simply pay the fine. However, consulting a New York City traffic ticket defense lawyer is often the best course of action. This will force the officer to show up in court, which he may or may not do, and make the state prove its case.

Simply hiring an experienced ticket defense attorney may be enough to get the charges reduced or dismissed. In most cases, an attorney can handle the case without you ever needing to appear in court. When a full consideration of the consequences is made, the time savings, reduction of potential future consequences, and even potential cost savings once fines, costs, and increased insurance premiums are calculated, fighting these tickets is often the best course of action.

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